Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit Objectives

The four tribes are not amending the original 1995 goals and objectives as part of the Update. But as the Plan’s “expiration date” of 2020 nears, the tribes will consider how many of these goals and objectives to carry forward unchanged, which ones need modification, and what new goals and objectives are appropriate. CRITFC notes, however, that the doubling goal of 4 million salmon by 2020 is ambitious and, given the challenges of our times, may be difficult to achieve.

These are the current goals and objectives as developed in 1995.


  • Restore anadromous fishes to the rivers and streams that support the historical, cultural and economic practices of the tribes. (These are generally areas above Bonneville Dam.)
  • Emphasize strategies that rely on natural production and healthy river systems to achieve this goal.
  • Protect tribal sovereignty and treaty rights.
  • Reclaim the anadromous fish resource and the environment on which it depends for future generations.


  • Within 7 years, halt the declining trends in salmon, sturgeon and lamprey populations originating upstream of Bonneville Dam.
  • Within 25 years, increase the total adult salmon returns above Bonneville Dam to 4 million annually and in a manner that sustains natural production to support tribal commercial as well as ceremonial and subsistence harvests.
  • Within 25 years, increase sturgeon and lamprey populations to naturally sustainable levels that also support tribal harvest opportunities.
  • Restore anadromous fishes to historical abundance in perpetuity.
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