This work is dedicated to all life on this earth, before our time and long after we are gone.


The salmon’s spirit — Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit — is sacred life. The salmon was provided a perfect world in which to enjoy its existence. For thousands of years, the salmon unselfishly gave of itself for the physical and spiritual sustenance of humans. The salmon’s spirit has not changed; the human spirit has.

Today the perfect world of the salmon is in total disarray. Even its very existence and worth are being debated. Human arrogance has brought the salmon to the brink of extinction.

Rather than a dignified cultural icon, the salmon is being redefined as a problem, as something that makes unacceptable the human laws designed to protect the environment. In spite of the state of crisis, crude science and perilous politics have reduced the salmon and its habitat to a struggling species living in a polluted and life-threatening home.

The four Columbia River treaty tribes, who are keepers of ancient truths and laws of nature, employ the depths of their hearts and the expanse of their minds to save the salmon.

Respect and reverence for this perfect creation are the foundation for this plan.

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