Institutional Recommendations

Restoration of Columbia Basin anadromous fish requires procedures that are authoritative, efficient, goal-oriented, and can effectively resolve disputes. Where existing processes meet these standards, their most useful aspects should be retained. Where they fail, they should be modified, replaced, or eliminated. Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit has 16 recommendations—11 original and 5 new recommendations—to improve the established institutions responsible for managing the restoration of anadromous fish in the Columbia Basin and structures used for managing fisheries.

The tribal recommendations for institutional change reflect the need to manage activities affecting anadromous fish in a manner that implements restoration and recovery through adaptive management, or “learning by doing.” In general, these recommendations utilize existing structures but modify them to provide increased accountability for the parties with direct responsibilities for increasing survival and meaningful participation for the tribes whose very existence is dependent upon restoration and recovery.

What Are Institutional Recommendations?

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