PDF of 2014 Update

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Wy-kan-ush (salmon) has the power to unite people. The world over, salmon connect and enrich the communities they come in contact with. The wildly different traditional cultures of Pacific Northwest tribes, Japanese Ainu, the Norwegian coastal areas, and the Russian Far East all share a reverence and gratitude for the bounty that the salmon provide. This power to mold the cultures they touch continues today. Salmon are the icon of the Pacific Northwest. They remain central to the religion and cultures of the Columbia River Basin tribes. They are a valued and valuable food and economic resource. They shape our land-use policies and our power grid. They represent the wildness and wilderness for which the region is known. Every Northwest resident, whether they realize it or not, is touched by Wy·kan·ush·mi Wa·kish·wit—the Spirit of the Salmon. We are all Salmon People. Let us all work together to protect and restore salmon—this fish that unites us.

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